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Guayaquil & Surroundings
Guayaquil, known as the “Pacific Pearl” is the largest and most populous city in Ecuador. Located on the Pacific coast, it has a warm and tropical weather and considered our country’s main port, therefore of a great economic importance and support to Ecuador.

It was founded on July 25, 1534 by Francisco de Orellana on the outskirts of Santa Ana hill. On the top of the hill you will be able to see the trace of the cruel battle between Guayaquilenians and pirates. Few houses keep their original architecture, with defense walls facing the river. Many of these houses were built at different levels on the hill, very typical of the Spaniards.

The surroundings of the city offer archeological sites of the pre-Hispanic cultures of Chorrera, Machalilla, Guangala, Valdivia, and Manteña. The Guayas River, the most beautiful beaches, Guayaquil’s gulf, monuments, museums, parks, and its tireless night life is why we highly recommend you to visit this city!!

Places to Visit: Malecon 2000; Barrio las Peñas “The Peñas neighborhood” ; The Clock Tower ; 9 de Octubre Avenue ; Centenario Park ; La Rotonda ; El Mirador ; Civic Center ; General Cemetery ; Seminario Park or well know as the Iguanas Park ; Historical Park ; Botanical garden ; Cerro Blanco Protected Forest ; Puerto Hondo Mangroves

Ecuador Land Tours

Guayaquil City Tour

Guayaquil City Tour
code: GLECTG
Traveling along the main streets and avenues of the city we will visit  the Simon Bolivar Park, The Guayaquil embankment, La Rotonda with the statues of Bolivar and Saint Martin.  We will then visit the colonial neighborhood of Las Peñas, where we can admire the magnificent wood architecture where every house is a work of art.  From here we can take a panoramic view of Guayaquil and the Guayas River
From: USD. 25,00 (Shared Tour)
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Las Peñas

Guayaquil By Night on Yacht

Guayaquil By Night on Yacht
code: GT

Departing From the hotel for a yatch tour by the Guayas River , where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city at night
From: USD.
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Malecon by Night

City Tour & Historical Park

City Tour & Historical Park
code: GLECTP

After the City tour, you will enjoy a visit to the Historical Park, in which you will live an experience from the Antic Guayaquil with its characters, traditions and architecture. Located only at 30 minutes from Guayaquil
From: USD. 80,00 (Private Tour)
(minimun 2 pax)

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La Rotonda

Multicolor Market Tour

Multicolor Market Tour
code: GLEGYM

We will visit the famous roses and tropical flowers market. Later, as Guayaquil being one of the most important port of South America, we will visit the seafood market showing us the most a nice scene of colours and flavours. We will finish our visit at the Typical market, where you can find some souvenirs of our city
From: USD. 40,00 (Private Tour)
(minimun 2 pax)

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Excursion to Salinas Beach

Excursion to Salinas Beach with lunch
code: GLESAA

Departure from the hotel in Guayaquil and after approximately 2 hours, you will arrive to the city of Salinas where you will be able to choose between a beach day or a fishing day

From: USD. 70,00 (Shared Tour)
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Salinas beach

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